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Rahel Lüthy
+41 79 744 5319
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Rahel Lüthy

I love writing code.

Over the past 20 years I have written code:
  • as a MSc student in evolutionary biology
  • as a software developer in pharma, insurance, and start-up companies
  • as a professor at the FHNW school of engineering
  • as a creator of open-source projects
  • as a research associate at the FHNW school of life sciences (my current job)
I am eternally curious, constantly learning new programming languages, patterns, and paradigms. Some areas of particular expertise:
  • Object-oriented programming, functional programming (Java, Scala)
  • Desktop applications (JavaFX)
  • Web applications (React, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SVG)
  • Developer tooling (Git, Gradle, Asciidoctor, Docker, Bash/Fish)
  • Information visualization (theory, D3.js)
  • Open-source development
As a woman in tech, I know what being from an underrepresented group feels like. I do whatever I can to help increase diversity and to be the role model and mentor I would have needed when I was younger. If you are a fellow woman in tech, I would be extra happy to work with you!

Outside of code and tech: most importantly, my husband and I have two kids. I am an avid guitar player, and love mountain-biking, runs with our dog, surfing, gardening, yoga, and photography.

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